You have probably heard the old axiom ‘monkey on the shoulder’ that denotes a problem or a task that someone is dealing with. Too many monkeys on the shoulder weigh that person down with a workload that adds pressure to get them done in the time available. The quickest way […]

Stop the Monkey from Jumping

I once asked a Boss I was coaching, “ Did you employ the people working for you to use their hands or to use their brains”. Being in an office environment the answer was, obviously, to use their brains. This discussion led him to realise that he was doing all […]

What do You Think?

When asked the difference between a boss and a Leader, British retailer Harry Selfridge said: The boss drives people; the leader coaches them The boss depends on authority; the leader on goodwill The boss inspires fear; the leader enthusiasm The boss says ‘I’; the leader says ‘We’ The boss fixes […]

From Boss to Leader

Brian McCarthy, Chairman of the McCarthy Motor Group, displayed the following quote in his office: “ Men are valuable just in proportion as they are able and willing to work in harmony with other men” These words, in fairly large print, were elegantly framed in a brown wooden frame, prominently […]

In Harmony with Others

These three words, in large red letters, sat framed on the edge of a CFO’s desk within a large corporate I worked at during my early career. They were in the corner of my eye throughout my job interview. At the time I thought how out of place they looked […]

Do it Now!

How do you find the time to relax more, hang out with friends and share more special moments with your loved ones? Like many working for a living, your job is all-important and you are committed to put in the extra hours at work. It will enhance your career prospects […]

Finding a better work life balance

Many of the clients I coach feel guilty about how little time they spend with their families. They choose amongst their goals, a goal on work/life balance or time management to find a way to fit more time into their busy schedules for their families. Their commitment to their work, […]

Do you feel guilty about not spending enough time with ...