“Terry’s frank but easy manner has encouraged me to explore my ideas with him and trust in the decisions I make. He has helped me become a visionary in transforming my goals into reality by keeping me focused and committed.

With Terry as my mentor and coach I have changed my approach in the way I manage people. Through the positive feedback I receive from my staff and the people I deal with, I can see that my new approach is producing better results in the works-place. ”

Daphne Pillay – Financial Manager


” can without a doubt, highly recommend this coaching programme as it enabled me to apporach my career and personal life with a lot more balance and confidence.

The input Mr Sorour gave during this journey was invaluable to me and in my opinion key to the success of this programme. I would consider him a great mentor and want to thank him for his time and effort spent with me.

The learning curve was steep and the value, immense.”

Thinus Pienaar


“Terry highlighted some of the problems and created a positive environment which enabled me to notice other problems, enable me to immediately see my mistakes and I embraced this learning curve with open arms. Terry encouraged me to replace my old Habits with new ones and to implement and share these new habits/ways with the rest of my staff. The change was amazing.

This turned into a positive and healthy environment for all parties involved. It did not matter what my problems were at the time of the couching period, Terry was always willing to listen and without making it obvious, teaching me to find the solutions myself. It did not matter what I discussed with Terry, I knew that everything was always confidential at all times.”

Veronica van der Linde


“The preparation of tasks ahead of our weekly sessions offered great insights into my own personality and methods of dealing with colleagues and loved ones. It taught me to refine some of the techniques I had developed over the years and helped me to develop a number of new habits and techniques that I have no doubt will stand me in good stead in the future, both in my professional and personal life. From the outset of the process Terry was very supportive and encouraging, providing that extra bit of motivation when it was most necessary. As a coach, Terry was extremely professional and dedicated to the process and pursuit of the end result. In true coach style, Terry did not provide me with solutions, but rather helped guide me through the process, allowing me to arrive at the solutions on my own”

Nic Agrotis – Forsdicks


I would like to express my gratitude for the time you invested in me the past six months. It was a journey that opened my mind to endless possibilities that I can not only apply in my professional but also my personal life.

As I recall we had a very challenging start to our path as you challenged my thought process, forcing me out of my comfort zone. As time progressed so did my understanding of where we were going and I have to admit that the experience I gained will aid me for the rest of my life.

Under your guidance we identified three very relevant goals and I say relevant because in so many programs the relevance is sometimes very questionable. During our path the focus on achieving these goals became almost secondary as the lessons I learned on the path was the actual reward.

Without question I can say that the progress I made in the time we spent together has fast tracked my development exponentially and has aided me in growing my business.

Terry, thank you from the bottom of my heart, this was an experience I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. If ever someone would pose the question whether your coaching program is worthwhile, please ask them to give me a call as I can testify from experience.

Heine Venter – McCarthy Suzuki Menlyn


After furthering my education, I found myself professionally stuck. I had plenty of education and the ability to do many things, but I had no idea what I really wanted to do. Being a perfectionist whilst also being indecisive is not a good combination for progression, and although there were plenty of options I could pursue, the prospect of actually selecting a career was daunting. I was worried about the necessity of making a career choice, but simultaneously I could not decide which choice to make. This left me in a stressful state and unable to move forward.

Terry helped me to focus attention on key areas, and his gentle but firm manner provided guidance about which areas needed to be concentrated on. He helped me to break down the monumental task into smaller, structured pieces that could be accomplished gradually. Eventually, the coaching steps lead to strides, and after much research, soul searching, and putting in a lot of though and action; I now have a clear vision of my professional trajectory.

The objective of the coaching is to reach one’s goals, however, along the way; the process helps you in a more holistic manner. Often, the patterns and behaviours in one aspect of your life will also influence other areas. Having Terry as a coach helped me to not only reach my goals, but to gain insight into what I can do to have a better approach to life’s challenges. It is very easy to see one’s faults and shortcomings and then blame failure or stagnation on that. However, with Terry’s help, instead of dwelling on the negative aspects, I gained insights into why I wasn’t moving forward. More importantly, his coaching guided me to find ways of overcoming such situations by giving me practical tools that can be applied to both my professional and personal life.

So thank you Terry, your wisdom and guidance have been of immeasurable value to me.

Marika Steenkamp – University of Johannesburg


This serves to confirm that I have completed the business leadership and life coaching by Mr. Terry Sorour

In this 6 month period I have had an amazing journey and here are just some of the highlights:

  • A journey of self-discovery
  • Unlocking of your potential that every person possesses but needs to discover it
  • Teaches you to focus on the positive
  • Unlock the Coach inside you to further your staff – because they are your secret to success
  • Shows you how to prioritise and analyse your business challenges
  • Gives you the tools and teaches you how to use them in the most amazing world of leadership
  • Keeps you goal orientated and driven to achieve them
  • Assists with the analysis of your current business state and unlock its fullest potential
  • Facilitates the birth of your own customised growth plan
  • Helps you make sense of tough business decisions and situations
  • Assists you in reaching your set out goals in a timeous manner
  • Unlocks creative thinking and idea generation
  • All in all one of the greatest growth experiences in my entire life.


I therefore really recommend you take the plunge and challenge yourself as never before and make a serious difference in your business and personal life TODAY!

Chris Drummond – McCarthy Multi Franchise


“Like many people, I was feeling generally tired, demotivated and uninspired. I was trudging through life’s everyday motions never stopping to focus on myself and really think about what I wanted for my life, until- I decided to embark on a three month coaching journey with Terry Sorour. The coaching sessions were unlike anything I expected or experienced. I thought Terry and I would discuss the problems in my life and then each week we would talk about how I was feeling. Instead, though, we identified a few areas that I thought were making me feel demotivated and needed work and we immediately set some challenging yet achievable goals. As Terry guided me through each session, I started having break-through/ “aha” moments that provided me with very real life insights. I learnt life skills that could be applied to all situations and not only the ones applicable to my goals. I learnt how to better cope with stress by managing my time better. Most importantly however; was that I learnt more about myself”.

Catherine J – University of Johannesburg