Unleashing potential through new thinking


Leader Coaching will empower you to be even more successful in your business and personal life. Terry Sorour guides individuals and groups through a process that brings about change.

The sessions are practical and results-orientated and are customised to your needs. We normally work on a series of 12 sessions, either over 3 or 6 months, depending on your work load. The first session is a trial session and is free should you not wish to continue. Thereafter, it’s your choice if you would like to continue with a coaching or mentoring programme designed by Leader Coaching specifically for you.

Leader Coaching’s approach is underpinned by Results Systems Coaching neuroscience research and methodology. The following three step process forms the basis of all of our sessions:

1.Defining your goals– These are exciting and powerful goals that will inspire you to achieve them and they will make a significant difference to you.

2.Setting strategies and actions – To reach goals, overcome obstacles that may be impeding progress and find solutions to dilemmas.

3. Working on insights – You will likely have insights during the sessions that will motivate you to make changes to the way you deal with issues. New habits will invariably be formed and new skills learnt.