Unleashing potential through new thinking


Leader Coaching offers coaching services to individuals and companies seeking to improve their current status by leading them through a thinking process that brings about change. Leader Coaching uses tools, developed through neuroscience research and proven practise by Results Systems Coaching, to engage with your inner most thoughts and surface resolutions to bring about positive change Leader Coaching sessions can empower an individual or team with:

  • Setting and achieving personal and business goals
  • Achieving solutions to problems or dilemmas
  • Changing habits that enhance work and family life
  • Enhancing individual and company performance
  • Dealing with a transient stage of work or personal life
  • Improving management and business skills
  • Preparing for a future promotion opportunity
  • Aligning an individual’s personal vision and aspirations with that of the company
  • Adjusting management styles to become more effective leaders
  • Creating self awareness and greater confidence
  • Dealing with pressure, time restraints and stress
  • Improving relationships with others